Long and Short Stock Market Cycles Indicating a Major Market Top?

dow jones

Aside from over valuation and technical break downs a major stock market top appears overdue in 2016 from the convergence of long term market cycles. Have a look at the long term 21 year stock market cycle (#stkmktcyl) that is scheduled to conclude in 2016 highlighted in silverdoctors.com:

In addition shorter 7 year market cycles are also scheduled to resolve in 2016. The chart below from silverdoctors.com shows a broadening top #megaphone pattern in the S and P 500 with the S and P at the top of the pattern.With short and long market cycles both resolving in 2016, a topping process globally in risk assets is likely in the next few months with the S and P eventually migrating to the lower line of the pattern towards the 650 mark:


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I am an avid market watcher having followed capital markets in the US and India since 1993. My research interests includes areas of Capital Markets, Banking, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management and have over 20 years of experience in the above areas covering the US and Indian Markets.
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